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My Story!

Hello, I’m Rosie from Social World Coaching.  It’s not easy working for yourself but hey, I love a challenge, that’s why I’ve been doing it in one way or another for so long.

Since having my children and therefore leaving the military I struggled with finding "my thing". Trust me I've tried lots of ideas, everything from selling reusable nappies to wedding planning.  Wherever I looked though other people seem to have it sorted.

My friends were in the military, accountants, event planners, chiropractors, teachers, ....and me? I was in my 30s, still trying to figure out what "my thing" was.

I started by reading self-help books about all kinds of things. Everything from business basics, specific business topics (mostly events based), to yoga and travel ideas. I spent a lot of time speaking to and learning from coaches about all sorts of things from business to mindset and everything in-between and eventually it started clicking for me.  Sometimes it’s easier when other people can see things about you, which you don’t see yourself. They can easily see what you should be doing with your life. Even better is when you go - ‘Wow - thats what I need to do!’
My children are now 5 and 7 and I find myself running an amazing business, coaching ambitious business owners how to use social media to their best advantage, which I love - and enjoy finally being able to say I am doing my thing, my way.
Even though life is busy (and I love it that way) I still make time to play my piano. As a family music is very important to us. My husband is part of the Royal Marines Band (as was I!) and both our children play instruments and play sports so there is always some madness going on.

I love sharing what I know to help others succeed in finding their thing faster than I did. x


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